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Through market research and product exploration, my design group re-branded cheap plastic hair rollers to be marketed to a different audience. We marketed the hair rollers to a younger and a more gender inclusive audience by designing a set of packages that appeals to all genders and strays away from the tacky plastic packaging that is on the market currently.


My group created a cohesive set of hair roller packages that explicitly show different sized curlers while maintaining fun and engaging language. We wanted to give our audience the option to keep the packages for storage purposes, so it was important for us to construct a sturdy box that can be oriented in whatever way that works best to ensure easy accessibility for each user. We wanted to encourage our consumers that these curlers are easy to use for everybody and that they will give you an extra boost of confidence to get you through your day.


I collaborated on this project with two of my fellow graphic design classmates; Julia Kenyon and Lona Tappouni.

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